Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vocational Hazards

The Reb (it IS HIS portion of the blogosphere, after all, in which I have squatted!) and I were talking the other day. Between the recent passing of Debbie Friedman, the most influential Jewish singer/songwriter WITHIN the Jewish community in a very long time (and was I the only one who, even though we KNEW she wouldn't be there, watched the "In Memoriam" at the Grammy's desperately hoping to be proven wrong?), and the BEP sharing a "Mazel Tov" with the world at halftime of Super Bowl (tm) XLV, it has been a VERY high profile stretch for Jews in musical pop culture!

But even bigger was the phenomenon of a Yeshiva University a cappella group last Chanukkah. Called "The Maccabeats," these talented young men created an Internet sensation by creating a Chanukkah parody for the ages. They were hardly the first to do something like this, and maybe not even the best. They weren't the first to use "You Tube" and the new media of the internet age to spread their "Gospel" (sorry!). BUT, they struck a chord (again?!), and in eight nights (!) had a MILLION hits on their video. If, somehow, you missed it, check it out here:

But now, in rapid succession, because success leads to imitation, come (at least) two more efforts. I will be curious to hear what others have to say in comparing these two to each other, and to those that came before. I have some very clear thoughts, but want to get a clean response.

So, check out:


and let me know what you think :)

LP Traxx

And, btw -- did Cee-Lo REALLY wear the peacock outfit as a subtle protest of the Comcast takeover of NBC???

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